Sunday, June 18, 2006

Accommodation & Clothes?!?

Last week a phone call with Hertford College's admissions confirmed that I had been allocated my first choice of accommodation; a room in the Graduate Centre (left). This (along with the library at Said Business School) will be my home from the end of September onwards and seems perfect (and only about a mile away from School).

And so another task gets completed in the lead up to the start of Michaelmas Term (the first term).

Sub Fusc

One of the items that caused a lot of discussion during our meeting in Richmond last week was the definition of 'Sub Fusc'. So after some searching I think that I have a definitive answer:
"sub" means "under" or "beneath" and "fusc" means "drab" or "black".
Got it? No, neither did I, so some further digging came up with the following:
A dark suit, white shirt, white bow tie, black gown and mortar board. Apparently, Sub fusc must be worn for Matriculation (official ceremony granting students entry to Oxford University), all exams, other formal events (I think) and finally (hopefully) graduation. I am actually quite looking forward to wearing it for the first time...I wonder how hot it will be wearing it all when taking exams. Only time will tell.

Gratuitous photo of Hertford College's Bridge of Sighs.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

First Meeting of Minds...

Yesterday in a pub in Richmond, Namiko (my wife) and I had an opportunity to meet up with some of my future class-mates.
The weather was beautiful and it was not long before we were itching to get outside (despite the England/Paraguay 1st round football match). We left the pub, bought some food and drink, walked to the river-side, found a nice spot and made camp on the grass.
Those present were:
Harpal (+ his wife and daughter), Deep, Clarence, Pawan (+ his wife), Mirela, Shreyas and Maria.
It was a wonderful opportunity to meet, discuss backgrounds and exchange information about accommodation, placements, aspirations, the application process and Oxford itself.
Everyone seemed really fired up about the course and the diversity of experience was wide and varied (I am looking forward to group discussions).
I thoroughly enjoyed the meet and it has further added to my conviction that I have made the right decision to choose the Oxford MBA... bring it on.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Almost there!!

This is the first post of what, I hope, to be my blog throughout my MBA.

In this first post, I though that I would list all the activities that I have undertaken so far to get where I am today (that is; 4 months before the start of my MBA).

The journey so far:

  • Decision to do an MBA
  • GMAT Prep
  • GMAT test in London
  • MBA Fair to talk with the B-schools.
  • Decision to apply to Oxford
  • MBA application form
  • 2 references requested and received
  • 2 Essays (1 x 1,000, 1 x 2,000 words)
  • Interview
  • Acceptance letter (hooray!)
  • My formal acceptance of the offer (and financial guarantee)
  • Deposit payment
  • College application and acceptance (Hertford)
  • College accommodation application and completion.

When I look at the list above, I realise how far I have come since deciding that I want to do an MBA. All that I am now waiting for is confirmation of the Hertford accommodation, the summer reading list and then the start of term. I cannot wait.

Oh I nearly forgot. I now have to go and resign from my very nice job. I hope that I have made the right decision...