Sunday, May 27, 2007

Week 5 Trinity

Consolidation Week take 2. Yes, these trips are lovely and a wonderful part of my MBA but they do play havoc with my assignment schedule. This week was therefore one of concentration and deadlines.

That is not to say that nothing else happened. On Thursday, Jonathan Black (Ex-Booz Allen Hamilton) and I held a case study workshop for the undergraduate consulting club. This is where we were to explain what consulting companies look for in recruits and the techniques to tackle the business cases which one must 'crack' during the interview. We were only expecting about 10 people to show up, however it seems that there is quite an appetite among the undergrads for these jobs and we had over 30 attend. Having recently gone through the process of getting a job it was interesting to relive my experiences and reminded me how much I had learnt.

On Saturday Namiko and I went down to the river to witness the summer eights rowing (a bumps race). I would have loved to have taken part however, with the training for the MBAT as well as the assignment requirements for this term, I couldn't find the time. Never-the-less, we were there to cheer on the Hertford College crews who all did very well this year.

The photo below is the men's first division in which it seemed like Teddy Hall was about to be bumped. By some stroke of magic, they escaped....very exciting.

On Saturday night Namiko and I joined Akiko and Andrea at Allan and Haruyo's place for dinner. Over the course of the MBA we have got fairly close to the other 2 couples and it would now appear that all 3 of us will move to London towards the end of the year.
Allan's cake

And finally for this week's post, on Friday Namiko had her 20 week scan which revealed a healthy baby boy.


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