Sunday, July 01, 2007

Week 10 Trinity... Last Oxford Exams!

The end of Trinity Term. I can't believe that it is over.

This week I sat 3 exams in the Exam Schools (on High Street). One on Monday, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday which also marked the day that I finished all formal assessment for this term. Where has the time gone? Just the SCP and Capstone, and this MBA is over...
Swapandeep summing up my emotion following the Restructuring Exam on Wednesday
Arash and me following our last examFollowing our last exam, and in line with tradition, we all piled down to the Turf for a well earned drink (it was, after all, 11am). Unfortunately, most of us didn't last long as we had been up most of the night with some last minute revision.
It would seem that the Turf is now 'Award Winning' Archit, Saim, Gaurav, Kaz and Shariq at the TurfOn Thursday I went down to London for a welcome BBQ at McKinsey's Kensington office. This was arranged by the recruiters to welcome all of the consultants (currently in the UK) joining this year. It was a great event and I managed to meet plenty of people. Most were joining at the Business Analyst grade (for people who have just finished their undergraduate degree), however I did manage to meet some who (like me) were joining as Associates following the completion of their doctorate/MBA. Everyone was full of enthusiasm, intelligent and a seemingly fun loving, I am sure that I have made the correct choice.

On Sunday Namiko and I attended Paul and Liz Evans' son's Christening. Little Ethan was very well behaved during the ceremony and was then treated to a party on a train. It was a lovely event for which even the weather was well behaved (for a change)
Liz, Paul and Ethan Namiko, Bump and TrainSo, with Trinity over, I have now moved out of Oxford and back into our house down south. The next week will involve me preparing the house for sale (it should go on the market tomorrow) so that we can move to London in November. And I thought that I was going to have the week off!


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