Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer in London

Its been a couple of weeks since I blogged last. I am now in London and have just started my 3rd week of the strategic consulting project at The Diamond Trading Company (DTC). Our offices in Charterhouse Street, London are right next to the 'diamond academy' (where they have lots and lots of diamonds), is very comfortable and right at the heart of the organisation.

Our project – reviewing the value proposition of one line of products – started off very broad and so our the first week was mainly taken up in forming a realistic scope with which we could direct our line of attack. We have so far had two reviews with our sponsor, who seems to be happy with what we have achieved/the direction that we are going in, and been introduced to both the Managing Director and several members of the executive committee who all seem to have a real interest. It seems that this project is really high profile and I am led to believe that real decisions will be based on our results. As proof of their intent, and in addition to the office based work, two members of our team (there are four in total) will travel to India next week to visit customers so as to understand exactly what they require from the company offering. DTC are certainly ensuring that there are no barriers to us collecting really robust data with which to make our recommendations.

Mark and Swapandeep strategisin' in our office
Kaysa, not strategisin' (in all fairness, it was late)
From a ‘non-work’ point of view, our apartments are quite luxurious and perfectly placed for exploring London (being located in the centre of Marylebone). We have more restaurants within walking distance than we realistically can visit in the time allocated and can walk as easily to Oxford Street as we can to Regents Park. In the evenings I am even managing to either get to the gym or, when the weather is nice, take a run around the park. This is certainly very different to the ‘MBA hours’ that I was pulling less than a month ago.

Every Tuesday all the MBAs that are in London for the summer meet up for dinner. Last week was Italian, this week Sushi. It’s great to hear how everyone is doing/adjusting to working life. Seeing as there are about 20 of us here, it makes for a nice evening.

So that is it so far for the SCP. I am really enjoying the DTC and remember now why I love London so much.

Photo from night out in Camden


At 5:11 PM , Blogger Sven said...

Hi Andrew,

I had the pleasure to meet you last year during a Q&A session as part of an open day at SBS. Also, I am following your great blog for quite a while. It helped me during my decision making process. Thanks a lot and just the best at McK at London.

Best regards
Sven, MBA 2007/2008 at Said / Oxford


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